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Broad Run Bluebirds

Soon after Broad Runs opening in 2000, approximately 20 birdhouses were placed on the golf course. These houses were immediately occupied but unfortunately were not maintained. If the houses are not regularly cleaned out and maintained they invite unwanted critters and the birds are not able to return. Luckily for us, Sam Laird and Ken Leister came into the picture in 2008. As our lead volunteers, Ken's woodworking skills along with their combined expertise and knowledge make them an excellent team. Upon their arrival they cleaned out and rehabilitated the existing houses; 10 more houses were installed that same year.

Since then we have added houses each season with 45 houses on the property this year. Ken and Sam monitor activity weekly and make an end of season report to the Audubon and Bluebird Societies. Last year our 40 houses fledged 79 EASTERN BLUEBIRDS and 180 TREE SWALLOWS. We hope and expect to exceed that number of 259 this season.

If you have an interest in birds, especially bug eaters which is why greens keepers and golfers love them, keep an eye on this space as we will frequently update our progress. And make sure to give Sam and Ken a wave if you see them on the course early in the morning!

 2019 ~ Spring has come and here at Broad Run that means golf and the start of a new generation of birds to feast on bugs that would otherwise feast on us! Ken and Sam have made the rounds to ensure the houses are clean and ready. One of the best signs of spring is the appearance of the Tree Swallows and their airborne acrobatics as they feed on flying insects. Having just returned from Florida and the neighboring islands, these birds instinctively time their arrival in the North with the emergence of the insects. Here at Broad Run we have 43 boxes ready this year to help them raise the next generation!


Weekly Box Activity

Final numbers for 2019 • 43 Boxes
  Bluebird Tree Swallow
Eggs in Nest 0 0
Chicks in Nest 0 0
Fledged Birds 66 161

Broad Run Golfer's Club
1520 Tattersall Way
West Chester, PA 19380